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TOP 10 villains from horror movies!

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Well, comrades? Day of struggle for women’s rights and international peace! Hip-hip, so to speak, hurray!

We’re not going to fall into a patronizing sexism, incensed about what our ladies are cute, fragile and defenseless. And indeed cloyingly sweet speeches from us, you will not wait. On the contrary, the following top is designed to show that women are tough, even cruel, and… well, really creepy!

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Well, we do it in our favorite genre films. However, then subjektiven, so with a loud “we” should go to the humble “I”.

So, while working on the top I made a list of several dozen negative female characters from famous horror, and then began to arrange them on the slope. And as I have set myself a limit of ten items, many had a heavy heart to leave behind. But the more valuable places in the top ten.

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So, let’s go!

TOP 10 villains in horror movies

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