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TOP 10 horror games of 2018 from Mikhail Pavlov

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Someone can say that this year was not a good horror movie, and I look back on the past twelve months, sorted out the tickets from the cinema and wonder: damn, that was cool!

Then there was the devastating cash advances in the genre, and an amazing festival releases captured the hearts of film critics. Remembering similar your top 10 through 2017, I understand, that on the lower place managed to get a strong middle peasants, who would have no chance this year. So I want to mention such paintings as “Frozen from fear” and “Inhabitants”, which despite my not liking the top hit, losing to stronger opponents. Equally good was the “webcam” and “Horrible”. Not got “Quiet place” and “Bird box”, although it should be noted, some chances were. In short, the 2018 was a prolific horror, bad, good, and just gorgeous.

And since we are talking just about horror, in the preparation of the top I had to sacrifice several films, sunken into the soul, but tending more to the Thriller, as in the case of “Hold the dark”, or even Greek tragedy, as in “Killing a sacred deer.” However, I’m sure the presence of certain paintings in the list, you will still be surprised.

So there you go!


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