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Top 10 beaches of Mexico. Photo

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. ФотоGive yourself a truly divine holiday.

White sand, warm water and idyllic scenery — these are the reasons why Mexico is very popular among beach lovers.

What of the Mexican beaches are the best?

1. Tulum.

Tulum beach is about an hour drive from the resort of Cancun. This is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, which is not surprising considering that in addition to a superb beach, the place known as the birthplace of one of the best Mexican cuisines in the world.

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. Фото

2. Playa Mazunte, Oaxaca.

A quiet sandy beach surrounded by rocky headlands. It is very popular with surfers due to its steep waves and Bohemian atmosphere. Also nearby is a local rescue centre for sea turtles Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga.

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. Фото

3. Troncones, Guerrero.

Once there was only a fishing village, but now it is a favorite place for adventurers from all over the world. Most of the beach attracts surfers and ecotourism. The latter prefer horseback riding through the picturesque beach and Hiking in the nearby mountains of the Sierra Madre.

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. Фото

4. Love beach, island Marietta.

Despite its fantastic look, love Beach, which is also known as Secret beach, is very real. It is West of Puerto Vallarta, inside the cave with a huge hole in the middle. Say this unique beach appeared thanks to the Mexican government testing bombs in 1900-ies. Anyway love Beach is a magical place that is certainly worth a visit.

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. Фото

5. Playa Norte, Isla mujeres, Yucatan Peninsula.

The main features of the beach Playa Norte on the Island of Women (Isla mujeres) is a sand of crushed coral and warm, calm shallow water. In addition, near the island there is a lot of whale sharks, fearsome-looking, but not dangerous to humans.

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. Фото

6. Costa Alegre, Jalisco.

The Costa Alegre stretches along the territory of two States, Jalisco and Colima. A long coastline with a sandy beach very harmoniously coexists with steep cliffs. Close to the beach are the resort and a huge nature reserve.

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. Фото

7. Playa La Boquilla, Puerto Angel, Oaxaca.

The picturesque Bay is Playa La Boquilla, surrounded by rocky mountains and forested hills. Here are calm the bright blue sea, and the beach has shallow waters, ideal for snorkeling.

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. Фото

8. Yelapa, Puerto Vallarta.

The only way to get here is by boat from Puerto Vallarta, it takes about half an hour. The main advantage of the local beach is the remoteness from civilization and the minimum number of tourists.

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. Фото

9. Playa Los Cerritos, Todos Santos.

Beautiful and clean beach stretching almost 7 kilometers is very popular with surfers and families with children. Besides, near there is well developed infrastructure: restaurants, hotels, bars and so on.

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. Фото

10. The Island Of Espiritu Santo, La Paz.

The uninhabited island of espíritu Santo is located in the sea of Cortez, near La Paz. The island is pristine exotic nature m white sand beaches. Here also lives a colony of sea lions.

10 лучших пляжей Мексики. Фото

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