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Tony Todd said that thinking about the remake of “the Candyman”

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Director Jordan Peele, who directed the hit Thriller “Off”, talks about participating in the remake of “the Candyman”. Now the word given by Tony Todd, the performer of the role of the iconic villain in the original trilogy and just living icon of the genre.

Answering questions from fans in the chat Nightmare on Film Street, the actor said the following:

At the time I didn’t realize how important will be the Candyman, especially in poor areas, where they formed the strongest fan base. He was African American, which, you know, represented us. So it’s an honor for me. If Jordan wants to do it, let him do it. I know I would have chosen it for this, someone with a brain who is thoughtful and can delve into the racial overtones in the first place then, who is this Man and why he exists.

Well, I think many would actually agree that if you trust someone with a remake of “the Candyman”, Jordan Drank here — almost the perfect candidate. Of course, while we have seen only one film under his direction and the script, but the man is very thin defeated the theme of modern racism, and the “Oscar” rightly grabbed.

What about the Tony Todd? Could he return to the role of Ghost maniac with an iron hook instead of a hand? Here is what 63-year-old actor on this account:

I’m sure he [Jordan Peele] pay tribute to [the original], and I’m sure if you start shooting, I will take part in it anyway.

Sounds good. Well, while the magnificent Tony Todd can be seen in the upcoming slasher “Hellfest”, the Russian premiere of which will take place on October 11.

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