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Tony Todd killing the ghouls in the excerpt from the horror film “Zombie”

Tomorrow zombie horror with the original name “Zombie” (Zombies) will start a limited theatrical in the US box office. Then it can start to look at the services of “video-on-demand”. About the film not long ago we talked, and today in the grasping paws of the Zone Horror was a passage from thereof.

Recall synopsis:

The world lies in ruins after the outbreak of a zombie epidemic. Luke is doing his best trying to clear the streets from the undead and help the few survivors. During the rescue mission, something goes wrong, however, the time appears a girl named Ben, an old flame of Luke’s. Returning to camp, they join forces with detective Sommers, and together they try to withstand the attack of the undead Horde.

In principle, anything new on the genre to expect difficult. Here and there all typical: everywhere shastayut dead, live shoot, defend and move to the next location. A sort of zombie quest, and a lot. However, here we are in the credits already two interesting names. One of the main roles starred Tony Todd (“Candyman”, “final destination”), and one of the producers was made by George Cameron Romero, the son of the Romero.

Represented the passage quite cold and brutal. The blood-Masaka there, Tony Todd aptly firing at the spaz, edged weapons for the purposes of this story involved. In General, all right. And let not a sight for a wide range of audiences, these projects also have the right to life. There’s someone that is more to your liking. Give one of “the Walking dead”, another “Nation Z”, and the third both, and you can without bread.

Bonus put still a couple of shots from the film. Tony Todd is in a world of winning. looks in its place.

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