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Tomato paste: how to store and what should be in its composition

Томатная паста: как правильно хранить и что должно быть в ее составеUseful tomato paste, what can I do about her getting fat, how often it is?..

Tomato paste for many years, used by Housewives in the preparation of various dishes.

On store shelves this product is available in a large assortment. However, not everyone knows how to choose a quality and natural tomato paste. What should be its composition? The meaning of the inscriptions on the label?

Experts answer these and other common questions about the tomato paste.

1. What is tomato paste actually?

Tomato paste is a concentrated puree, which is prepared from ripe tomatoes. First they were crushed and passed through two sieves to clean from skin and seeds. Then the resulting mass is boiled in a special setting: in the boiling process, moisture evaporates, and the concentration of dry substances increases several times. The result is a thick mass, which is used for cooking various dishes.

2. Lost of useful properties of tomatoes during processing into a paste?

No, not lost. Moreover, high-quality tomato paste is even healthier than fresh tomatoes. It is a concentrated product, so all the nutrients in it are also in a more concentrated form (e.g., lycopene). In addition, modern production technologies allow to keep all useful properties of the product.

3. That should be part of the high quality of tomato paste?

In tomato, the pasta should be just tomatoes. No additives: starch, flavors, colors, preservatives-even salt and sugar is not. In tomatoes already contains everything you need. The rest is added by unscrupulous manufacturers to reduce production and to disguise the low quality of the product.

4. How is the quality of the tomatoes, which makes tomato paste?

In-kind pasta the whole process of cultivation is strictly controlled: for supply of tomatoes used are only allowed fertilizing and irrigation – water from springs and mountain rivers.

Collected tomatoes multistage treatment carefully culled for pasta uses only ripe strong fruit without damage. And finally, when the tomatoes arrive at the plant, they are checked in the laboratory for the presence of pesticides and nitrates.

5. What does the marking standard for tomato paste?

This means that tomato paste is 100% natural, that is, consists only of tomatoes and contains no less than 25% dry matter.

6. How to store open can of tomato paste?

In the refrigerator in a closed container. A paste of tin cans is better to place it in a glass.

7. How much can be stored open can of tomato paste?

No more than three days.

8.If you can’t use an open jar of tomato paste for three days, is it possible to extend the shelf life?

Yes. You can freeze it in molds for ice and kept in the freezer very long. You can also pour over pasta vegetable oil so that it completely covers the surface of the paste. In this case, you can store an open jar in the fridge up to a week.

9. Which package is better to buy the paste in a glass or tin?

And in that, and other packaging paste of the same quality. At the same time in a glass jar, you can immediately appreciate the appearance of the product, and store pasta after opening much easier. Besides a glass jar, you can use reusable.

The metal tin is a more economical option, it weighs less, besides in the line with a comfortable amount of 60 g. on the other hand, it is impossible to see the product before buying. If you get paste in tin packing, make sure she’s okay, when damaged banks the acid in tomatoes interacts with the metal, releasing harmful substances to the body and giving the product a bad taste.

10. How to determine the quality of tomato paste in appearance?

Tomato paste is red, red-orange or red-Magenta color. Brown or brown to mean that the technology of production was disrupted, and bright orange – in product added starch. Pay attention to consistency: a good quality pasta, it is homogeneous, dense, without any patches, skins, and seeds. The dark film on the surface or small bubbles indicate that the product is spoiled.

11. What flavor should be from high quality tomato paste?

Natural pasta has the taste and smell of fresh tomatoes, without excessive sweetness, acid and bitterness. Too intense aroma of fresh tomatoes says that in the product added flavors.

12. Is it true that in a good pasta spoon should “stand”?

No, this is misleading. Natural tomato paste can’t be that thick. If the spoon is “worth”, it means that the manufacturer added to the product thickeners, such as starch.

13. If tomato paste mold appeared, can it be used?

In any case. This pasta can easily be poisoned. Even the heat treatment does not save the product, since the mold can withstand very high temperatures. Spoiled pasta should be discarded.

14. Is it possible to get fat from tomato paste?

No. Tomato paste, low-calorie, therefore suitable for the diet. Getting fat from starch, which unscrupulous manufacturers added to the product.

15. Can of tomato paste to make the juice?

Yes, of course. It is enough to dissolve it with boiling water, add spices and sugar. This natural juice is very helpful. In addition, you can be sure that there are no fragrances, dyes and other additives.

16. Than healthy natural tomato paste?

Tomato paste contains large amounts of antioxidants, including lycopene, are good for vision and prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the pasta in plenty of vitamins A, C, b, E and minerals: zinc, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron. It improves digestion, lowers blood pressure. American doctors recommend eating pasta every day – as fresh and in various dishes.

17. Can natural tomato paste harmful to health?

No, provided that you have no allergies or diseases, which are contraindicated tomatoes. Damage can only be from a defective product, the manufacture of which used low-cost raw materials with the addition of water, starch, stabilizers and preservatives.

18.How often can I use natural tomato paste?

Every day – in the absence of contraindications.

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