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Tom sizemore will open the “Door” to the otherworld

American actor Tom sizemore is well known to viewers of such paintings as “Dreamcatcher” and “Fight”and currently can be seen in the third season of “twin peaks”. Most often, sizemore plays a negative or ambiguous characters, because really good at it. And soon it will have yet another interesting role, this time in the horror movie “the Door” (The Door).

Not to be confused with the other “Door”, which is also known as “People of Shadows”.

Sizemore needs to play someone who is trying to settle the restless spirit of the dead. James Brolin in the “Amityville Horror” remember? Well, or at least Ryan Reynolds in the remake? In short, here the same role.

The script was written Harel Goldstein and Charles Morris, and the synopsis is as follows:

Scott and Rebecca Johnson moved into the house, where in the late 50-ies in the fire killed Dr. Lazarus Saint and his little son Vincent. The Ghost boy tries to warn Rebecca about the fact that the dead Lazarus wants to capture the mind and the body of her husband. Rebecca realizes that he must stop the resurrection of Lazarus, otherwise they are all doomed.

Dr. Lazarus Saint. Lazarus. Saint. Saint Lazar. Here’s a simple biblical odinochka.

Well, the subject is far from a novelty, however, with such actors as Tom sizemore, you can count on something interesting. The rest of the lineup yet to be announced. In the picture it’s not even the Director, but the producers are considering several candidates, one of which is Corbin, Timbrook, author of such masterpieces as “the Crack in the floor” and “the Massacre at Poroshenko”. We hope that you will find someone better.

Anyway, we are waiting for further news about the “Door”.

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