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Tom hardy is preparing to meet with Carnage (VIDEO)

In the Internet appeared the video with trenirovkami Tom hardy for the movie “venom” and review instructors in unarmed combat. Interestingly, in the end it comes to Carnage.

In General, hardy is now mounted with the same success involved in independent and commercial projects, removed the Oscar-winning dramas and kinokomedii, without lowering his own raised bar of acting. And their presence alone in the “Venome” it greatly increases our expectations and hopes for this movie. Moreover, the creators promise a tough and terrible movie.

Well, in the meantime, go shooting, hardy does not stop training in kickboxing and other martial arts. And as his coaches, the man gives 100% and even more:

Most people, if given the choice, will always choose the easiest. “You want more? No, I’m fine.” But not Tom. He always finds the strength for something more.

Well, for this we love him. Check out the attached video, in order to ensure that man works hard. And I advise you to watch it to the end, as the final one of the instructors hardy says something curious:

What the world will see, will be one of the darkest, most powerful super villains ever created by Marvel. It will be a massacre.

Despite the fact that the video continues to show hardy and venom, I think it’s already jumped to another character. First, because venom will act in the film as an anti-hero but not a villain. Second, the phrase It’s going to be carnage, perhaps, is translated as “This is carnage”.

Recall, it asserts that the carnage will face Venom in the upcoming kenogamissi. However, it is still unknown who will play will play this maniac. Slipped a rumor that sticky skin of Cletus Cassidy will try riz Ahmed of “American gods,” but this information has not been confirmed.

We are waiting for details. “Venom” will be released in Russian cinemas on 4 October 2018.

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