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Tom Hanks filmed the iconic scene from “Forrest Gump”

The winner of two awards “Oscar” Tom Hanks, national love that brought the role in the film by Robert Zemeckis “Forrest Gump” was a guest of the Show Graham Norton. The host asked him to repeat one of the most memorable moments from the 1994 film and finally reveal who is depicted on the “same” pictures.

Tom Hanks filmed the iconic scene from “Forrest Gump”

Guests of the Irish TV presenter Graham Norton in that evening in addition to Tom Hanks actors Gemma Arterton and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well as a famous athlete Mo Farah, a British athlete of Somali origin four-time Olympic champion 2012 and 2016. Norton asked Hanks to repeat his famous monologue from the movie “Forrest Gump”, in which the protagonist confesses his love to run:

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I guess you are not gonna believe this, but I ran faster than the wind. From that day on wherever I went, I ran. I ran because I had to run. I didn’t think about where it will lead me”.
Despite the fact that the premiere of the film has been more than twenty years, Tom Hanks himself admits that many people still identify him with this character and thank you for the picture. However, the actor also remarked that after such a long time after the shooting, it is not easy to remember the words, and asked to keep him in front of a sign with text.

The Graham Norton show (Show Graham Norton): Tom Hanks recreates the scene from “Forrest Gump”
Of course, Graham did not miss the opportunity also to clarify who exactly is depicted on caused a fuss photography – bill Murray or Tom Hanks.

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The actor joked That I was impersonating bill Murray to advance your career. Okay, actually I know, that’s not me. Because I did not pose for such photos”.
To prove that the photo really doesn’t it, Hanks decided to offer Norton to repeat the that has stumped the entire world. To help in the creation of the song came the other guests of the show: the crying child is portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and his mother – Gemma Arterton. Think it turned out really quite different.

The Graham Norton show (Show Graham Norton): Tom Hanks about a photo of bill Murray

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