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Tokyo decided: Putin gives the Kuril Islands with a population of

Токио решило: Путин отдает Курилы вместе с населением

Japan who have ten years asks to “back” the so-called “Northern territories” — the Russian island of Kunashir, Iturup, Shikotan and Habomai (this group of virtually uninhabited Islands), whose status is determined after the “unconditional surrender”, signed in Tokyo in September 1945. There in black and white written that “we hereby give a commitment that the Japanese government and his successors (!) will faithfully fulfill the conditions of the “Potsdam conference”.

It says that Japanese sovereignty would be limited to the Islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and those minor Islands that have been specified. All smoke bamboo Japanese tube, on the shores of the Straits of Laperouse overlooking the Sakhalin and frieze, and Catherine with the visibility of the Smoke.

However, each of the next Prime Minister of Japan, and the current Shinzo Abe in this list is no exception, trying to push the theme of the return of territories. There was a small loophole in the form of the Soviet-Japanese Declaration of 1956 (the Moscow Declaration), terminating the state of war between the two countries. In it, in particular, provided a kind of a compromise with a certain probability of return only a small part of the territories.

That seeks Japan now? Return the Islands (all four), from claims which are refused by the San Francisco peace Treaty of 1951, which along with South Sakhalin lost at the end of the Second world war, these territories were ceded to the Soviet Union. All subsequent years official Tokyo has repeatedly tried to return to the topic of the return of the Islands that is still considered controversial and appeals to Moscow on the peaceful resolution of the territorial conflict. In the already mentioned Declaration of 1956 signed by the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Nikolai Bulganin and Prime Minister of Japan Ichiro Hatoyama, was a possibility of transfer of Shikotan and group of Islands Habomai — in exchange for normalization of trade and diplomatic relations between the two countries and the signing of a peace Treaty. Ambassadors then exchanged, trade was established, but “to make peace” the Japanese refused, insisting on the return of all “disputed” Islands and only after that to sign a peace Treaty.

Now the situation is even more stalled because of Japan’s position, which somehow now saw Russia’s weakness on this issue. First, because the proposal of the Russian President Vladimir Putin made at the Eastern economic forum in Vladivostok in September 2018, to sign a peace Treaty without any conditions. And then on the Russian proposal to return to the discussion of the Declaration of 1956, not promising at the same time so to take and to give Shikotan and Habomai. It was only about a possible joint use of these territories, and exclusively in economic terms.

In Tokyo all got wrong. After the ASEAN summit in Singapore, where Vladimir Putin spoke with Shinzo Abe, the latter issued a sentence that, say, Japan is not going to place the American base in the Kuriles. From what side? The island is still Russian and the USA as a country of NATO, the priorities of the partnership between Moscow is not included.

Putin is not strictly replied and then received another kick on the Mat from Abe, who said that when you return the Kuril Islands to Japan, Russian citizens will be able to live on and on. Moreover Kuril registration machine will give the passport of the citizen of the Country of the rising sun. We must assume that the price per square meter in the Kuril Islands has increased dramatically — the prospect of obtaining Japanese free passport can confuse anyone. Were you, say, a mother working at the fish factory on Kunashir, and then BAM — and Japan-mother, at least once in Tokyo go.

It is strange that Putin is silent on the transfer of Kunashiri and Habomai and did not say any specifics, though his “words” are being actively discussed at all levels with the wording “possible”, “possible”, “under certain circumstances”. But Putin himself is silent — smiles and bows like a true Japanese. With a twinkle in his eye, “Maybe the Crimea at the same time?” And Abe, these can’t take a hint and rushing ahead. So the other day, was given a phrase that in the negotiations between Moscow and Tokyo on peace Treaty is a crucial time.

Note — that under the peace Treaty, and not by the transfer of the Islands. “Now is the crucial moment. President Putin will put an end to this issue,” Abe said. The world held its breath: “Shaw, did you give the Islands to the Japanese?”, like Kunashir became more important than Crimea. We must assume that Ukrainian President Poroshenko at this point, even torn on what sit the seat.

Let’s be realistic — no one yet did not give. Somewhere with a question mark hanging practically not significant in economic and military terms, the Islands of the lesser Kuril Islands Shikotan and Habomai, but their status is still Russian. About Kunashir and Iturup in General, no speech. At least from Moscow. To give the island — like cut.

Between the Kuril Islands there are only two of the Strait, which do not freeze in a cold season, — said at the end of 2018 the “Free press” Admiral of the fleet Vladimir Kuroyedov, who once commanded the Pacific fleet. — Catherine is a Strait located between the Islands of Iturup and Kunashir and the Strait of the frieze between the Islands Iturup and Urup. If these Islands belonged to another country, it is difficult even to imagine how he carried out traffic between, for example, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka and Vladivostok in winter. Besides, do not forget about the Navy of Russia in the far East. Ships from Vladivostok can not go in the Pacific without the consent of third countries. And if now the sea of Okhotsk is mainly controlled by the coast guard ships the Russian border guards, then open the “gate” they have to keep a large force of the Navy to deter a potential enemy.

Likely that Japanese Prime Minister Abe, which Russian President Putin has thrown the ball saying “let’s sign a peace Treaty”, decided to play it with its benefits. Supposedly, it is easy to sign in exchange for the Kuril Islands. Putin insists: first sign, but we’ll see. Here’s the catch — what could be mutual claims from countries that signed a peace Treaty. It seems that the ball will fly from one field to another. And both players are forced to bluff and to show his innocence in defending the interests. So to acquire the Kuril residence in the hope to exchange it for the Japanese until at least premature.

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