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Today the Orthodox Ukrainians celebrate forgiveness Sunday

Сегодня православные украинцы отмечают Прощеное воскресеньеEarlier on this day predicted the weather for Easter.

Orthodox Christians and Greek Catholics the last day of Maslenitsa – forgiveness Sunday.

Ahead of them awaits a 40-day fast – a large amount of time to cleanse the soul and body of the believer before the most important Christian holiday – the Resurrection.

And the first step to a serious test was the Sunday before lent, during which Christians asked each other for forgiveness for intentional and sometimes unintentional resentment.

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Traditionally on this day Ukrainians went to the Church immediately after the service the priest asked for forgiveness from the congregation, and she, in turn, from him.

Then asked for forgiveness from relatives, friends and neighbors: “I’m Sorry” “God will forgive you. I’m sorry,” was the answer. The request was repeated three times, and then kissed and believed that they caused before that, the offense lost its sinful nature.

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On today earlier predicted weather for Easter. Was considered: “What is forgiveness Sunday, and Easter.”

Recall Easter in 2017 will be celebrated on April 16.

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