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Tobin bell called the 5 favorite horror movies

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Yes, the Designer himself, John Kramer (the role that brought fame to bell) from the Saw took the floor to the eve of Halloween, to introduce us to their top favorite horror films.

This five belongs to the same series of tops, in which earlier we have published 5 favorite movies Bruce Campbell. Moreover, with the top Tobin bell will be followed by similar collections from several other icons of the horror genre.

Along the way, Tobin told us that he especially appreciates in the movie:

Obviously, people go to horror movies to be scared, to fear, wimas in the back of the chair and grabbing the hand of person next to you is something very simple. This happens while watching horror films, as in other cases. For me, although I am subjective, as an actor – but for me it is primarily the characters and the relationships between them. It is not always connected with the plot, but the plot helps [to reveal the character]. It is important for me to empathize with the heroes, so those didn’t happen.

An opinion worthy of respect. Well, now…

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