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To the Network leaked new information about the shooter Battlefield 5

В Cеть «утекла» новая информация о шутере Battlefield 5Of new leaks became known, in what time period will occur the events of the game.

Think the Battlefield series will give the public even more reasons to joke about their strange names. After Battlefield 4 the next game in the main line has become a Battlefield 1, Battlefield 1 and after will come… I Think of Battlefield 2? No, Battlefield V!

At least, so say the sources of the website VentureBeat. In this first, if you believe the rumors, the internal name of the game really sounds like Battlefield 2, but recently changed it for V. Battlefield Almost simultaneously with a report from VentureBeat on Reddit has a screenshot from a development build of the shooter.

VentureBeat’s sources confirmed that Battlefield V back in world war II — era, which began a series of Battlefield. But the information that the DICE is preparing a new Battlefield: Bad Company turned out to be false, says the author of the website. Like, even if Electronic Arts is going to release a third “Bad company”, in the near future will not happen.

But Battlefield V will be released this year. Electronic Arts will reveal the game before E3 2018, what the publisher has said publicly. Moreover, the special video from DICE Randy Evans (Randy Evans) has engaged in the production of the corresponding trailer.

Recall that the rumors about a Battlefield in the Second world war we have already heard, but then they passed a new AlmightyDaq.

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