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To tears: Tina Karol touched fans with a Frank recognition

До слез: Тина Кароль растрогала фанатов откровенным признаниемThe singer told about her husband’s death.

For a long time, Tina has not commented on the death of her husband, who died of cancer a few years ago.

Recently on the Facebook page the stars appeared the next post.

“Today is the day when I realized that all this time running from yourself! And I drown out the fear, the pain, the noise of the applause, the backstage bustle.

The first time I can say… the depths of my sorrow is endless. I will always be “good” for him. I will always be at the height of their capabilities and above. I’m embarrassed by their tears and vulnerability. I am ashamed to be feminine is weak.

How to forgive yourself for the loss? I’m still waiting for you… Never realize. Never to accept. Everything in me about you.”

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