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To survive until Friday: a dozen of great jokes

Дожить до пятницы: десятка отличных анекдотов Best jokes to lift the mood.

Portion of positive emotions, which certainly charge you a good mood for the whole day. The best jokes network specifically for you.

The drivers of the two tow trucks had a fight over a Mercedes.


Still, the world is a better place. Now people, going to the store, say “Hello”. In my childhood, going to the store, said, “Who’s last?”


After a divorce, the clerk of the sex shop began to steal.


To take the unpaid leave a very bad omen. Tell – money will not.


The offseason of trauma is when the motorcycle has ended and the snowboarders had not yet begun.


ATM for balance inquiry issued a “Hold”.


– Hello, taxi? You are in the capital of Kazakhstan?

– Sorry, no, too far. You know where we are and where Astana?

Yeah, thanks… As-TA-na… Six letters… Perfect!


All equal before the law: the homeless, who had spent the winter in the heating duct, the spring brought a receipt for heating.


Most of the disappointments seen ordinary scales.


Anyone who thinks music art air, weightless, never dragged a piano.

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