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To stop hair loss will help this diet

Остановить выпадение волос поможет эта диетаYou need to eat foods rich in iron.

A genus of herbaceous plants of the family Caryophyllaceae was a great means of treating baldness, which has helped 43-year-old mother of three Mary Corrigan to regain hair.

She started to lose them a few years ago. The top of the head with each passing month was more and more exposed. Neither the services nor the General practitioner to help a woman could not. They said that Mary is destined soon completely to lose hair.

But the woman did not want to give up. This victim of baldness in women once worked as a cook, and well versed in nutritional and beneficial properties of various plants. She decided to give the disease a real fight. Mary has fed the diet rich in iron products, including dolls, venison and leafy green vegetables.

Just a few months after starting this diet Mary noticed that her hair started to grow again. Only this time they were thicker and stronger.

The attending women were so amazed by the results of this diet, since it advises all patients facing similar problems.

“I started to lose my hair four years ago and the doctors all blamed on stress, says Mary. They couldn’t overcome the baldness of women, and I have, in the end, even the eyebrows began to fall out. I started my own research and found that my body lack of serum ferritin – a protein responsible for iron deposition in the body. And its low content may cause hair loss. That’s why I switched to iron diet. And now I have even more lush and strong hair before.”

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