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To remove this terrible short film that didn’t have a lot of money

We continue to explore the world Knipovich shorts. Generally, if people around you start to behave a bit strange, the problem is not in them, but you forgot to fasten the zipper on the pants or some misfortune has happened. But what if all the same something not so in others, neighbors and relatives?.. You know, the present is in itself creepy.

A few years ago at different fests yards short of rambled a 10-minute film “Monsters” (There Are Monsters), who liked many of the critics and the audience. The Director of this short film, canadian J. Dahl (Jay Dahl) later, in 2013, removed on the basis of its full-length film – though, to our viewers that film has not yet been reached.

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But short – please. In my opinion, the authors go to far in a hand-held camera. But I generally can not stand shaky camera very rare exception. The special effects in the film are the most simple, so that production does not cost a lot of money. But there are good dialogues (if you speak English adequately, evaluate), an interesting concept and a couple of really Knipovich scenes.

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