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To lie and cheat is a part of the political culture of our leadership

Врать и обманывать — это часть политической культуры нашего руководства

Here are a couple of thoughts about the nightmare that is happening now with the Russian sports, according to the results of reading the report of the world anti-doping Association.

1. The main motivation of these tough measures — and to other povadno. Of us make the example for other countries is clearly stated. And that fraud is guilty of the Russian state authorities.

2. The hard part is the conditions for the restoration of RUSADA after four years: we need to investigate interventions and, where possible, provide unaltered database. When this condition possible and for early restoration (and this is good news), but at the end of the four-year period the ban may be extended. It sucks, because you will need Putin’s decision at least partially to plead guilty and “take his”, which, as you know, he do not loves.

That is what inspires most pessimism. It is possible that we will never become a full part of the world of sports, while the country does not change political leadership. Or, at least, we still long to sit on the sidelines, waiting for the moment and trying to get myself the least shameful, from Putin’s point of view, conditions.

3. Things could be even worse, “bottom”, we in any case are not reached. Athletes will be able to speak in a neutral status (and the appeals not to allow this). Likely, athletes will be able to train (and pass the drug test) on the territory of the Russian Federation — it is not explicitly stated. It is also possible that some of the activities will be maintained.

All this can change for the worse, if the Russian side will continue to codesite to avoid admitting liability and “win at any cost”. For example, if there will be attempts to bribe (or, God forbid, intimidate) sports officials or arbitrators. Perhaps this fear of the head of the anti-doping Agency Yuri Hanus, one of the few preserving the adequacy of officials: “the Worst thing [that can happen], if the wrong response to all the horror that happened.”

It will be difficult, because lying and deceiving is a part of the political culture of our leadership. As religious conviction that everyone else do the same.

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