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To invest in the Russian economy it becomes dangerous

Вкладывать деньги в российскую экономику становится опасно

Iran is counting on the credit in 2 billion dollars from Russia. Together with earlier decisions loans to Iran will amount to $ 5 billion.

To say that we give left-to-right money when the country itself is in a dire situation, of course, makes sense. But the logic of what is happening is that to invest in the Russian economy becomes dangerous — she is in a state where just not able to “digest” the money. As the patient was anorexic, which do not take food. Hence the budget surplus, which we are proud of our monetary authorities — Russia buys less and less technology, helping himself to the goods. While the goods there is a limit — the falling purchasing power of the population.

Money no place to invest or stolen and withdraw from the country, or they will just get buried in the unfinished building. But because they “shove” where it is possible. Often without much hope for a refund. Now no one remembers 3 billion, issued by Yanukovych just before the collapse of his regime. Still good that he collapsed immediately after the first tranche, or not thought of 6 billion or a greater amount. Same story with many other Trad — we have no idea how much the regime is investing in Syria, in Venezuela, in other dictatorships around the world. Now here’s sponsor Iran. Most likely, a significant portion of the money will be irrecoverable debt, and it is possible that in this way our nomenclature steals money. A lot of variants, but they are all one.

Most importantly, the money does not go to the country. That certainly looks insane, but a reality today. And it will continue as long as this regime is in power. He will not rest until I make the country, and to make it impossible — simply destroy.

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