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To heal the gut will help this diet

Оздоровить кишечник поможет эта диетаYou need to eat more foods rich in fiber.

All diets, in varying degrees, aimed at restoring normal function of the bowel, especially when it comes to weight loss. The main function of the intestine, as you know, is in the absorption of digested food in the stomach nutrients.

However, not only the suction capacity of the intestine determines a good digestion, but also the ability of the intestine to contract and push the stool (peristalsis).

Violation of peristalsis leads to constipation and toxins. Thus, when detecting any abnormalities in the bowel, you must consult a therapist and find out the root cause. In the case of diagnosis of diseases of the digestive tract selected individual therapeutic diet for bowel.

In the absence of concomitant diseases of the digestive problems occur there as well. It’s all about crazy life rhythm and constant stress and violation of all modes. Therefore, as on fasting days, recurring diet for good bowel function will help to restore the functionality of the intestine and cleansed of toxins. Wake-up call for the half diet is a violation of the regularity and constipation, and flatulence.

A beneficial effect on the intestinal mucosa have a pectin containing products, which include vegetables, fruits, herbs, branny bread, cereal. Special attention should be paid to the beets, apples, prunes and plums, figs, dried fruit, carrots, peach and apricot, gooseberries, dates, cucumber, pumpkin, Hercules.

These herbal products will help you not only to get rid of constipation and keep the intestinal mucosa in stable condition. Important role the diet plays such spices as cumin and coriander.

In the intestine there are many bacteria that exist in symbiosis with the human body. Violation of the balance of bacteria leads to intestinal disorders and diarrhea. Consequently, an essential role in the regulation of the bowel play a fermented milk product with high content of bifidobacteria. The leader in this group is a fresh (one – or two-day) yogurt, followed by a rustic sour milk, fermented baked milk and yoghurts.

Diet for good gut necessarily includes vegetable soups (without meat broth), chicken and fish broths. It is necessary to increase the use of liquid: clean non-carbonated water, jelly, compote, fruit juice, slobozhany or herbal tea. Meat eating is permitted, but only lean and in addition with steamed or fresh vegetables. The day should begin with a Herculean porridge with dried fruit, and end with a Cup of yogurt.

The ban on the diet period is introduced for products with a high content of tannins that slow down peristalsis. These include the astringent fruits and berries (dogwood, blueberries, persimmons), strong tea, nuts, pastries, pastry, white bread. You should limit the consumption of potatoes, macaroons and foods rich in animal protein (fish, meat, eggs).

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