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To gut the state

Выпотрошить государство

Destroying institutions and making the rules of the game relative, the government plunges the country into a state of Lawlessness. When the Chaos begins, no one can be safe from him.

“They’re crazy!” — we lament, looking at what maketh power. “What nonsense!” — horrified commentators, making the Kremlin’s “list of shame”: the pension default; power Minister, threatening reprisals Bulk; the failure of the “Salisbury tourists”; the falsification of the elections in Primorye, Russian plane shot down by the Syrians our rocket; a hole in a space ship, and plastered with clay; the threat of a ban on the circulation of the dollar; the new lies about the death of the Malaysian Boeing; another arrest Navalny.

Government attempts to correct the mistakes only worsen the situation, turning it into a farce. Did the cancellation of the elections in Vladivostok regained confidence in the elections? Is it not a farce elections in the Vladimir region and Khabarovsk region, when the winners did everything not to win? How to call an interview, “Salisbury”? And how are the attempts to lay the blame for the death of a Russian plane to Israel, and for a hole in the ship “Union” for the Americans? Finally, the last shot in his own limb: all the Syrians missile system s-300, which means a challenge to Israel and of course America (the Israelis certainly will answer it).

If all these “achievements” is to be regarded as stupidity, there is hope that it can be corrected by cleaning staff. Than today, the Kremlin was engaged. In fact, what we believe in failure and stupidity has become the norm! We see the result of the monopoly of power that turns their reproduction an end in itself, and negative selection of elites on the principle of loyalty. In short, the duelist as the head of the law enforcement agencies and “tourists”-poisoners — is the Russian normality. This is the logic and inevitability!

But because moaning about the power crisis are unfounded. Russia slipped past the crisis stage. The crisis is a natural course of development, which forces the company to look for new solutions and those who will implement. If not, the society together with your add-in starts to rot. In this fetid consistency we are today. Decay prevents the collapse: what rot, could collapse. But at the same time the decay does not allow the country to find the strength to change.

The ruling class may like to calm down, because the system somehow hobbles. Mass protests there. And those who happen to ignore or to crush. Fortunately, prepared for this and non-lethal weapons — “the Shield”, “Storm”, “the Wall” and the like. Meanwhile, it takes a serious to the Russian revolution. The government, seeking to ensure its infinity, destroying the state. This is a different scenario. We got to the point when the ruling class rocking fulcrum of nationhood, destroying and guarantee their survival.

Giving the violence is outsourced to volunteers, the guardsmen, the government deprives the state of its most important feature — the monopoly on violence. Making Russia the Scarecrow, the government is undermining the international status of the state and the environment of its existence. Refusing to strategic goal-setting in favor of tactical maneuvers, the government denies the state the ability to progress. Making the state a tool of clan domination, the power of rocking the stability — after all, society is forced to protect its interests “across the street”.

Finally, destroying the institutions and making the rules of the game the relative (you can, but you can that way), the government plunges the country into a state of Lawlessness. When the Chaos begins, no one can be safe from him.

Are these guys in the Kremlin do not understand, it will all end? Apparently, you know. But I can’t stop.

In 1991, the autocracy survived, throwing in scrap the Soviet state. Today autocracy is trying to survive, turning the plywood the post-Soviet state to a song about statehood.

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