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To get rid of edema: doctors suggested what should be the diet

Избавиться от отеков: врачи подсказали, какой должен быть рационDiet can help a person suffering from edema, to get rid of excess fluid in the body.

If the swelling is not associated with the disease and is caused by a change in water-salt metabolism, to get rid of them by using a properly composed diet.

Diet can help a person suffering from edema, to get rid of excess fluid in the body. The need to reduce the amount of liquid consumed before bedtime, to exclude salty food. It is important to rule out allergies, so it is necessary to follow after a product there is a swelling or a material-the allergen is in the environment. In the diet decongestants diet must be present products, steamed, parsley, dill, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Featured products anti-edematous diet

In daily menu should be a sufficient amount of protein of animal origin: meat, fish, eggs, milk and milk products, natural yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream.

To minimize swelling, it is important to strengthen the heart and kidneys. You need to enter in your diet foods rich in potassium: rice, apricots, melon, orange and tangerine juices, potatoes, and parsley. This can be done by introducing into the diet of dried fruits (apricots, prunes, dates). Kidney function improves vitamin a which is especially necessary in hot weather. A large number of vitamin A contain foods such as carrots, sea buckthorn, pepper, dill and parsley.

Very useful soy products: soy milk, tofu. In the diet should be carbohydrates, which are found in fruit (grapes and bananas take limited). Diuretic juices, herbal teas, tinctures and decoctions, beverages with low caffeine content.

Well derive water from the body apples (green variety), raw cabbage, cucumbers, citrus, berries (especially cranberries).

A mild diuretic action have watermelons, plums, cucumbers, mulberries, strawberries: helping the body to release excess fluid, these fruits and vegetables have a beneficial effect on the kidneys.

Zucchini, eggplant beneficial in fresh, boiled, baked form. Fennel, ginger, cinnamon, parsley, onion, garlic also have a diuretic effect.

Products that reduce puffiness: celery, baked potatoes, oats, low-fat milk and yogurt, honey, juice viburnum, mountain ash, nettle, beets. Pumpkin quickly eliminates swelling is one of the best natural diuretics. Pumpkin removes from the body fluid, and cholesterol and toxic substances, regulates body content of iron, potassium, magnesium. Vitamin E present in pumpkin, improves blood circulation, helps in heart failure. Most useful fresh pumpkin flesh.

Prescription decongestants pumpkin. 1 kg of purified pumpkin, 2-3 sour apples, 1 Cup raisins. All components are whipped in a blender, put in the fridge, take 2-3 tablespoons before meals several times a day. Can of pumpkin to cook porridge, pumpkin bake, stew and boil. However, thermally processed pumpkin has a rapid impact on swelling.

Parsley is an effective remedy for edema in heart and renal failure. Use herbs and parsley.

The recipe of parsley. Twisted roots and parsley through a meat grinder. 1 Cup parsley mixture pour 2 cups boiling water. Then the mixture insist 12 hours, then the mass should be filtered through several layers of cheesecloth or a sieve, mix with juice of 1 lemon. Taking a mix of 2 days of ⅓ Cup 2 times a day. Make a break for 3 days and again take the mixture, continuing up to reduce swelling. However, you must remember that parsley together with excess fluid displays the body of potassium, and therefore, simultaneously with the parsley in the diet include apricots, nuts, raisins, prunes, rich in this element.

Prohibited products

There are foods that you should exclude from your daily menu. For example, salt is recommended to replace the herbs or not exceed 1.5 g per day. Swelling sometimes reduce the amount of liquid – up to 600-1500 ml (this should be done after consulting with your doctor).

Eliminate salty and marinated, fried, spicy. You can not eat prepared foods with lots of salt: smoked, cured meats and fish, eggs, ham, bacon, loin, sausage, sausages, sauces and savoury cheeses, etc. fall Under the ban: oil cakes and pastry, cream, mayonnaise. It is not desirable to introduce in the menu the pastry from flour, alcohol, tonic water, sweet carbonated drinks and any other foods containing artificial additives. Need to replace black tea, coffee, milk, stewed fruit plain or mineral water.

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