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To get rid of bloating will help these products

Избавиться от вздутия живота помогут эти продуктыThe right diet will relieve you from this problem.

Actually, Gaza is normal. But only within reasonable limits. Unfortunately, nearly one-third of the adult population belongs to the group of those who have this “not within”. If healthy human stomach and intestine contains on average about 1 liter of gas, then those who suffer from bloating, the amount can reach three liters and more.

That is, many of us carry the “extra” a couple of litres (and therefore pounds) of air!

Meanwhile, to get rid of them, without any special effort, most importantly, eat the right foods. What?..


Tea from fresh ginger root – a thing excellent, but especially this spice in brewed form will be able to assess people who have problems with digestion. It’s a great assistant in preventing against flatulence, nausea and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract! Enough to brew a teaspoon of fresh chopped (or grated) root, and well-being is guaranteed. But I must warn that ginger is very allergic, so overused and “drive” these teas several times a day, or get itching, rashes and red spots all over my body.


This plant is a natural diuretic because it contained amino acid called asparagine. Thanks to this diuretic you more often to go to the toilet, releasing discomfort and gas formation . There are no specific rules how much you need to eat asparagus every day, but they are not needed – this plant is absolutely not allergenicity. But its healing properties are saved in any types of cooking. Our view – the most unusual tastes like asparagus if you cook it on the grill.


Old assistant in the fight against flatulence. It from gases in the intestine were used even by our ancestors. The secret of the success of mint is menthol, a substance which helps digestive system work better. Menthol also good at suppressing appetite (keep in mind, if the desire to eat overpowers you at night). And mint tea helps one stone to kill two birds with one stone because on the one hand, works against flatulence and suppresses sugar cravings.

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If you have a home garden or even a balcony, a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity and start growing these two herbs – they are an excellent diuretic, and also contain beneficial enzymes and phytonutrients that act as a natural medicine against gastrointestinal problems. And yet these herbs can be added to dishes when cooking because they have a specific taste and you don’t have to add much salt.


The ideal diet for your intestines is one additional (and very significant) plus soothes ready to explode gases. This fermented milk product contains large amounts of probiotics, which help digestion. And by the way, the probiotics in it, as a rule, much more than traditional yogurt. A glass of kefir in the morning and at night, and you won’t have to worry about bloating and constipation, too.


Very best vegetable! From the point of view of getting rid of gases. It is 95 percent water and has long been recognized by nutritionists as one of the best and most preferred vegetable for those watching their weight. Due to the fact that the cucumber flushes the body of excess water, thus it AIDS digestion and hydration, and therefore, relieves abdominal discomfort. In addition, it is simple, but extremely pleasant and fresh taste of the vegetable. Half Cup grated peeled cucumber in a day as a side dish or added to salad and your belly will thank you for.


Watermelon is one of the most succulent berries, with 92% composed of water (the amount of water it is second only to cucumber). Watermelon is known as natural diuretic and a good source of potassium, which is known to be very important to control the level of gases in the intestines. It is pleasant to the taste and wonderfully refreshing, especially in the summer months. Do you need another reason to start eating this berry at least one Cup a day (well, at least in the summer)?

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Another product that boasts a high content of potassium is the banana. And in General, this fruit regulates the hydration of the body and the contents of elektrolitov in the body like no other product. And besides, it’s so delicious! Not so long ago, scientists from Harvard University conducted an experiment in which 34 healthy women who regularly ate a banana (or drinking its juice) before meals, in the end they had a decrease problems with flatulence in two times.


Another fruit, which is a good helper in the fight against gases due to the content of bromelain. It helps the body to break down proteins, which, if it becomes too much, you start to cause problems with the stomach. Drink pineapple juice or add it to your favorite smoothie or smoothie, and bloating will disappear like morning mist.


One glass of coconut water contains 600 mg of potassium, banana is “only” 422 mg, this time. Powerful natural diuretic properties, coconut juice has long been known, are two. Moreover, its regular consumption increases metabolic rate, which in the end disappears not only excess weight, and gases. Not accidentally, the juice of the green coconut is considered as one of the healthiest ways to lose weight because this natural drink contains no chemicals.

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