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To flee from a gang

Бежать от банды

They parted like ships at sea.

The state Duma approves in first reading the government bill “On the protection and promotion of investments and development of investment activity in the Russian Federation”. And at this time the practice clearly shows that everything is empty.

Another attack on business in Russia – the company Nginx, makes again to emphasize the main problem of the Russian economy – private property is conditional. It depends on the benevolence of the bandit, in fact, state.

If the authorities decide to select a business, all in vain. Likely to keep it a little more if the security forces and the courts bought the invader “in private”, but it is possible to buy someone better. But there is a danger of deception, besides the fact that it is expensive.

In such an economy to attract significant investment very difficult – they can only come in the hope of the great profit that compensates for the risks. Or it will be investment from China, when a strong Chinese government will remove the Russian state bandits hands. Strength against strength. Law, law is – zero. Only rules based on the pressure.

Remember some striking acts of the Russian gangster state. Which “state” only in the sense that it is not the Agency working in the interests of the company and office management of the families, relatives and friends of Putin, his subordinates and their grown in 20 years of business. That is, the tentacles stuck to the budget running through the “state-owned” in the economy looking for what and where to clean up.


So, we need to flip the martyrology of the victims of the ruling Russian mafia.

The seizure of Yukos and its transformation into a fiefdom Sechin. Through the criminal case.

The project “Sakhalin-2” — hand-wringing Western investors to get ready for all the slackers and incompetents of “Gazprom”. Using environmental case.

The Capture Of”Euroset”. Through the criminal case.

Capture Sechin “Bashneft” and extortion under the mediation of Putin money from Yevtushenkov. Through the criminal case.

The case of the Bank “East” and czars. Through the criminal case.

The Case Of “Rolf”. Through the criminal case.

Now it is Nginx, whose main objective is to Rob, to hundreds of millions of dollars in his pocket. Through the criminal case.

Those who have a “physical” business in Russia, in our criminal system will not help anything. Deposit or trade network of the country is not taken away, remains just as Nevzlin, Chichvarkin Petrov, to escape and to take their money.

With companies based on the intelligence of the creators, the situation is easier. Here it is better to create companies abroad, knowing that if they do in Russia and earn money here, it is likely that you will attack power and try to Rob. Again, the wall between the invaders and the low. When a lot of money (YUKOS, Bashneft, “Vkontakte” Durov), – it is not. Here, a United front.

See young, talented and ambitious programmers who want to do their businesses on what is happening with Google and Nginx. Draw conclusions and constantly build roads in countries where private property rights are protected. Flee from Russia. Run from the gang.

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