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To escape from van Helsing: the Game Darkest Dungeon will get a “vampire” DLC

Mechnykova role-playing game Darkest Dungeon, the release of which took place in January 2016, in June will receive a Supplement under the name “The Crimson Court”, I mean “Crimson judgment”. The topic of DLC will be vampires and vampirism, and vampires will be the players and their enemy will perform a local “van Helsing”, the hunter on vampires.

The game will be a vampire hunter, which will haunt the characters, trapped under the vampire curse. It will have garlic, stakes, the Bible and the hammer with the letter “V” – in short, he’s a bloke, and armed to the fangs. Well, Yes, and our heroes are not with a wooden stake yesterday.

What else will be DLC?

– new character class – “Swimming in blood and delusions, they bear the burden of thousands of lives”;

new wandering boss – Fanatic;

– new dungeons – The Courtyard;

– new deadly enemies;

– four new dungeon boss with complex mechanics;

– large maps with closed doors, chambers for prisoners and the ability to save progress;

– new buildings that give permanent bonuses;

– new sets of equipment for all characters with the set bonuses.

Release additions will take place initially on the PC, 19 June 2017. The question price – about 10 bucks.

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