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To do no harm: how to treat a cold during pregnancy

Чтобы не навредить: как лечить простуду во время беременностиDoctors told about the correct algorithm for the treatment of seasonal diseases in pregnant women.

Viruses and infection, as well as rain and cold – it’s all what we face in the fall. Pregnant women, like all other people, subject to seasonal illnesses, but in their case, the situation with a banal SARS can result in serious negative consequences.

During pregnancy a woman needs to be able to protect themselves and not to hurt the baby. This is why doctors and were forbidden to take any medicines and tablets without their knowledge, as well as to treat a particular disease on their own, resorting to traditional methods.

Why pregnant women need to try not to catch SARS?

In the first month of pregnancy, a cold or viral infection can lead to miscarriage.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, these diseases can affect fetal development and cause the development of defects and pathologies.

If a pregnant ill for a few days before delivery, the baby may be born with the same symptoms as his mom, and “come out” it will be very difficult.

Pregnant how to treat the common cold, SARS and flu?

First call the therapist and tell about the symptoms. Only a doctor can prescribe harmless during pregnancy drugs that have no less efficacy than other medications, prohibited women in the state.

Rinse nose with saline spray. This tool cleans the nose and removes swelling, and this means that the woman will breathe better and her baby will not be oxygen starvation.

To treat a sore throat hot milk with honey and butter or cocoa butter. This is the most harmless method of eliminating pain in the throat, which will allow the pregnant woman a few days to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

Otherwise you should follow the recommendations of the doctor.

Not to self-medicate a cold during pregnancy is the most important and valuable advice from physicians.

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