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To disperse the Cossack party, the call of the Cossacks

Разогнать Казачью Партию призывают казаки


In 2012, our country has formed a new political force — the Cossack party of the Russian Federation (Kaprf). The cries “Lyubo!” the Cossacks elected as its Chairman the Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Sergey Bondarev — a person who a month ago was listed in the ranks of the “United Russia”.

Разогнать Казачью Партию призывают казаки

At this moment Pushkin wrote:

“The Queen gave birth to the night

Not the son, not the daughter,

Not a mouse, not a frog

And the unknown little animals”


The party is funded by state funds, for what reason is not clear, as this party does not Parlamentskaya.


Moreover the Cossacks of the Federal law No. 151 does not have the right to join any party, sootvestvenno and the Cossacks in this game can not be.


Over the past years, the party spent hundreds of millions of rubles.


The Cossacks believe that it is better to direct this money for treatment of children who are thrown off by the Texts.


The appearance of the Cossack party of the Russian Federation has caused a very negative reaction from the Communists. The “Reds” are sure a new organization created with the sole purpose to weaken the influence of the Communist party.


“The ruling party intentionally wants to blur the protest, the opposition electorate, resorting to such a “dirty technologies”. Many have probably heard mislead the citizens at the polls. When together with “undesirable” candidate for the post grappling dummy namesake to “drag” the votes. Same thing with Kaprf — budgetary funds opened structure, which will become a defender of the ruling elite, maintaining its policies and falsification of the elections”, — commented the Deputy of the state Duma from the don of the Communist party, Vladimir Bessonov.


Today the post-Soviet power continues to lie and distort history and refuse to recognize the rights of the Cossack people. This party is a joke full! Shame to the Cossack who joins its ranks. A party of six in power, the party-spoiler, designed potrollit Communists and insult by its very existence the Cossack people. Today, the Cossacks are the ONLY people. Let this simple truth is the government will crap on your nose! — the Representative of the Council of Atamans of Russia Gennady Kovalev


-Must stop to Fund this not understandable structure which is covered by a Cossack name.Over the years of its existence, it does not even have any of his Cossack in elected bodies.


What is however a fiction and a waste of Chiharu budget money? — asks the Head of the Cossack Kontrrrazvedki General FSK Gennady Kovalev. Shame!

Let’s see the biography of the Head of the Cossack party, there is not even close or what a Cossack.

Konstantinov, Nikolay Nikolayevich


Was born on 21 October 1952 in Leningrad.


Higher education. In 1975 he graduated from Leningrad state University in 1988 — the Higher party school.


In 1975-1986 he was scientific-production Association “Krasnaya Zarya”, engineer, senior engineer, leading engineer, Deputy Secretary of the party Committee.


In 1986 — 1989- Leningrad regional party Committee, the defence industry Department, instructor, head. the sector of Informatics and computing.


In 1989-1992 — Deputy Chairman of the planning Commission of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad city Council — head of spectrales, head of the Department of defense conversion.


In 1992-1997, work in management positions in various business structures.


In 1997-2003 — head of the office of the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, chief of staff of Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg — head of the office of the Governor of St. Petersburg.


In 2003 — head of the office of the Governor of St. Petersburg.


2004-2005 — assistant of the Deputy of the State Duma B. V. Gryzlov in St. Petersburg.


2005-2007 — first Deputy Chairman of the transport Committee of St. Petersburg government.


In 2007-2008 — head of the Executive Committee of the St. Petersburg regional branch of the runway “United Russia”.


In 2008-2009 — head of the apparatus Deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, Deputy head of the office of the President of the Russian Federation.


In 2009-2012 — head of the office of the President of the Russian Federation.


In 2012-2015, Deputy Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal district.


2015 — present- Executive Director of the Association of interregional socio-economic interaction “Central Federal District”.


April 25, 2015 at the III Congress of Political party “Cossack party of the Russian Federation” was elected Chairman of the Party.

Разогнать Казачью Партию призывают казаки


This party supported the extortionate pension reform, moreover, they told the media that the Cossacks, ready to abandon pensions and work till your feet refuse…


The Council of Atamans of Russia appeals to zdavomyslyaschie people up in the machinery of the Russian Federation, with a proposal – if not to close the party as to deprive it of budget financing as no legitimate reason to contain the parliamentary party is not.


Vicodinside money to send targeted aid to children in need of treatment.



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