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To cope with the swelling will help these natural diuretics

Справиться с отечностью помогут эти природные мочегонные средства Experts on medicinal plants suggested how to properly and effectively remove excess fluid and salt from the body.

To cope with the swelling and high blood pressure people often turn to the physicians that is very correct. Doctors recommend to take drugs in medicine they are called diuretics. But there are also a number of medicinal plants, which have not the worst diuretic properties than the pills.

These natural diuretics productively reduce blood pressure and eliminate the symptoms of edema:

1. Hibiscus tea from Sudanese rose petals. This tea is deep red in color has long been accepted as a delicious diuretic that also strengthens blood vessels, stops the pain and reduces body temperature.

2. A decoction of dandelion roots. It is most often used as the best remedy to cleanse liver from toxins. But the main feature of this decoction — diuretic effect, which allows in the shortest possible time to get rid of excessive swelling.

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3. Caffeinated drinks. As we know, green tea and organic coffee well-the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body, as and speed up metabolism. But they are correct only in the case when consumed 2-3 times a day.

4. Black cumin. The taste and aroma of these seeds will complement any dish that will benefit your health. It turns out that the seeds of black cumin can increase the volume amount of urine, thereby removing swelling. However, doctors do not recommend adding black cumin to eat with every meal, as it can negatively affect the liver.

5. Alcoholic beverages have powerful diuretic properties. No doctor will advise you to take alcohol as diuretics. But all should remember that when drinking alcohol, the body loses a lot of fluid and useful, including so carried away with alcohol is not necessary.

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6. Ginger drink is one of the most useful diuretics, because its benefit is not only in the fact that reduces blood pressure and the problem with the swelling recedes into the background, and his ability to reduce body temperature, to resist viruses, speed up metabolism, elevate mood, charging a person’s energy, and so on.

7. Broth hips. This is the most common drink with diuretic properties. In this, as in ginger beverage contains vitamin C, so doctors advise to drink it during the off-season and cold weather.

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