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To cope with overeating will help these products

Справиться с перееданием помогут эти продуктыKeep the appetite under control.

American scientists have named a number of products that will help you cope with the feeling of hunger and not to overeat. According to experts, as a consequence of overeating in the body accumulates large amounts of fat.

Experts from Rutgers University argue that the overabundance of fat in the diet can lead to hormonal failure, which increases hunger, causing the person many times during the day to go to the refrigerator. Appears addiction to food, which in its intensity is not inferior to alcohol or nicotine addiction.

Excess of fat in the body occurs mainly due to improper diet. If a person often eats fast food or convenience foods, likes cakes and pastries, then the body gradually accumulate fat.
Many people find it very difficult to cope with a food addiction and they often have psychological breakdowns.

Scientists believe that to cope with overeating will help well-chosen products, namely:

avocado, freshly brewed coffee, green tea, warm milk, hummus, bananas, yogurt.

According to experts, these products contain special substances which suppress hunger and also help to release excess fat from the body. Including in the diet of these products that stored fat will be faster to process in energy, and the brain will receive a signal of satiety.

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