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To breathe freely: the best vegetable to cleanse the lungs

Чтобы дышалось свободнее: лучший овощ для очистки легкихEvery man makes about 20 000 breaths, each of which respond to light.

You probably know how important it is to eat vegetables.

Vegetables have many essential nutrients that are necessary for the health of our body. One vegetable, in particular, has demonstrated its ability to clear damaged lungs. This special vegetable is broccoli.

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Broccoli not only helps the body’s immune system but also helps to remove harmful bacteria from the lungs. Many of the compounds found in broccoli actually helps with a variety of pulmonary diseases.

When your lungs are functioning properly, the macrophages — white blood cells remove bacteria and residues that accumulate in the lungs and can lead to infection.

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Vegetables and herbs for the lungs. Along with broccoli, there are a few herbs that You should add to your diet to help clean your damaged lungs.

Some of these herbs include: licorice root hemp mother-and-stepmother thyme, OSHA root, oregano, eucalyptus, Lobelia lungwort mullein sage.

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