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To break the protest through the knee did not come out

Ломать протест через колено уже не выйдет

Zhirinovsky is not only a great strategist, but also a seasoned “political animal” and therefore (meaningless — ed.) all the comments about the fact that nothing the leader of the liberal democratic party fought for the appointment of Khabarovsk Krai, they say, now there is kirdyk and the rating of the party and his appointee Degtyarev. Obviously, these moves count once or twice, Zhirinovsky taken into account, and that’s what goals it pursued, let’s see.

1. Zhirinovsky, as seasoned political strategist knows the basic law of earnings: take it here and now. Promise for the future in most cases and remain promises. So he knew that playing “Khabarovsk map”, is obliged to leave the territory for themselves. Why? I think for further bargaining with Moscow. Yes, the liberal democratic party will be weakened, Degtyarev will not be accepted, the protest will continue, but who will be the operator of the negotiations? Trutnev? Kiriyenko? From a hardware point of view, Zhirinovsky intercepted the main thing — personal contact with Putin razrulivaniya situation. And, unlike the block DIP, Zhirinovsky is no risk — because the protest was not his generation and not his job, he is taken to solve the problem, as this is not the right regional political supervisors.

2. Hardware Zhirinovsky’s victory means the defeat of his rivals, in the face of the Plenipotentiary in DVFO and political curators, which in recent years was trying to merge, weaken the party of the “big four”. Khabarovsk protest showed that the old party is a real political force, in contrast to the fruits of simulacra.


3. Most importantly, the objection that with it to do something? Zhirinovsky can quite restore the status quo, formulating the population, certain political requirements. Return Furgala impossible, but to make the court more open and to stop squeezing him, to promise to continue its (Forgalom — ed.) policy, maintaining the teams is quite possible. Now all think in the logic that if one of the parties to make concessions, it will show weakness. But it is not so: to break the protest through the knee did not work, need to negotiate and communicate with people, rather than trying to explain what they all bought and are protecting the killer.

4. In any case, to cope with the region Degtyarev or not is not so important. The main thing to Zhirinovsky — to buy time. First, the country is rapidly changing the situation, otherwise we would do protests arose. So the game at any time can receive unexpected continuation in the form of new protests or other forms of escalation. Second, at stake and EDG-2020, where the liberal democratic party can increase its presence in regional legislatures and gOrdUm, and maybe even a new pair of Farglow to elect.

5. When a record in the Khabarovsk territory the rating of the liberal democratic party will fall at least 20%, and Degtyarev finally discreditied its purpose and Khabarovsk (according to the authors this scenario) will ask local handyman like Kozhemyako, the liberal democratic party will again be able to withdraw your profit. Take region is also a game that will be played in other circumstances 2021, and this means rates could rise. To expect that the liberal democratic party will run away from the edge with my tail between my legs, silly. Zhirinovsky at any time may again threaten the revolution, to demand the release of Furgala (by the way, let’s see how will the trial), thus shaking the stars out up.

In any case, this is a game the liberal democratic party.

But there are also really popular protest. And what to do with it, nobody knows.


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