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To appear and not to be: as the stars are deceiving millions of its followers

Kourtney Kardashian

Social media is a world consisting of two continents: the territory of the big lie and the place where reigns the truth and nothing but the truth. Some celebrities hard “fastweet” their knees and wrinkles under the eyes and others honestly post a selfie without makeup, admitting to problems with the skin. However, the portion of criticism from followers and get those and those. We are not going to find out who is right and who is wrong, but rather tell you about a revealing account Celebface and its founder.

Waist Kendall Jenner magically shrinking, breast Heidi Klum becomes even more magnificent, Bella Hadid appears in the press as a fitness model. These are just some of the beauty of the metamorphoses, which attracted more than 940 thousand subscribers Celebface. This Instagram account is published GIF from pictures of celebrities and popular bloggers from their social networks and the same frames, only taken from photostocks, that is, without retouching.Welcome to the reality! If you don’t want to see the truth, leave this page so goes the greeting on the page Celebface

Account Celebface leads 24-year-old Anna, who doesn’t like to talk to the press. She launched Celebface in July 2015, to show how celebrities are promoting unrealistic standards of beauty.

Anna gets original footage without retouching and filters from photographers, friends and agencies, and then shows how the magic lips become plump and thin noses.

Sometimes her posts cause outrage and even shock, such as when she provided evidence that some of the favorite millions of the stars of the reality show (Yes, we are now about Kim) photoshop the faces of his children. But in most cases the publication is another reminder that beneath the layer of filters in Instagram even celebrities have acne and wrinkles. They’re stars, and they’re just like us!

Anna admits that sometimes celebrities are ready to retaliate against her for unwanted photos. So, Chloe Kardashian, even threatened her with lawsuits. While fans who are willing to support bloggers, thousands of them.
Your page makes me feel much better, I stopped comparing myself with the women in the covers of glossy magazines, — says one of the followers Celebface.

But one of the most popular figures in your account — not a celebrity on a global scale. Photos of 23-year-old instagram model Sarah McDaniel appeared in the profile dozens of times, with some of the posts gained more than 16 thousand likes and 400 comments. Among the sea of pictures of celebrities, edited to look perfect, McDaniel stood out because she seemed to have changed your appearance to look… perfect.

She even changed the color of his eyes: one “painted” in brown and another in blue-green. They became her calling card. About Sarah first began in 2016, when she appeared on the cover of Playboy.

In the interview, she talked about growing up with heterochromia — a rare genetic trait where the iris left and right eyes differ in color. She admitted that because of this she was bullied in childhood. Star social media was instantly recognizable, it is compared to Lauren Hutton, who had a diastema is visible Shcherbinka between the teeth.

Around the same time Anne also came across the account of McDaniel. Celebface has published a series of photos showing how miraculously changes the color of eyes: blue-green to brown, from turquoise to aquamarine.

At the end of 2017 Celebface published childrens the Sarah, which clearly shows that her eyes are brown.
Expectation: poor girl with colored eyes. Reality: in front of you, — reads the inscription.

Unlike Kendall Jenner and Heidi Klum, McDaniel was not PR agents to protect their reputation. Soon commentators in Instagram accused her that she wears colored contact lenses or surgery for implantation of the iris.

The former creative Director of Playboy Mack Lewis, who observed the shooting, McDaniel said:
We wanted to completely abandon the retouching and to give preference to models that would be more natural and real. That’s why we chose it.When he heard that her unusual eye color in question, he was extremely annoyed. Meanwhile, McDaniel herself was shocked by such allegations:
I have heterochromia! My eyes sometimes look different in different lighting or different quality of camera. She admitted that because of the hundreds of angry comments in the microblog she had experienced panic attacks and a depressive:

I think it mostly reflects poorly on the person who leaves negative comments. The law of karma. Have you ever wanted to write nasty things under pictures of total strangers? I don’t.Anna says that her goal is not to expose the public, and to help ordinary girls to deal with their own complexes and to stop comparing yourself with celebrities. She is confident that her work is important because of the real effects that social media have on the mental health of young people (a new study by the American Academy of plastic surgery proved that selfies are motivated thousands of young girls and guys to do cosmetic procedures and operations).

People often thank me for my work. Some write that they become more self-confident,— says Anna.

According to Jean Kilbourne, Creator of the film “Killing us softly: Images of women in advertising” (Killing us softly: Advertising”s image of women), now the perfect image you create yourself, not only public figures:
I started talking about it 50 years ago, but now it’s worse. Thanks to photoshop and the development of social networks of girls end up comparing themselves not only supermodels, but also with idealized images of each other. Then they feel pressure and want to emulate the “perfect” girls. It’s an endless cycle. According to Jimmy Jellinek, former Director of the Playboy content, the ubiquity of supposedly perfect photo creates a demand for attractive models with an unusual appearance.

The finalist Next Top Model Chelsea Hursley actually forced to extend the gap between the front teeth to look more like Lauren Hutton.
Before everyone wanted to be just beautiful, now they all want to be unique, writes Celebface.

Lewis said that choosing the model for the cover of Playboy in November 2016, he has deliberately opted for Ashley Smith:
This is not the model, photos of which Playboy would have published earlier. Our magazine has never been girls “with defects” only beauty in the style of pin-up. But now people don’t want perfection. People are so desperate to be unique that even go so far as to pretend to be something they are not, it makes them look different.

But in an era when almost every image is retouched, fake “flaws” apparently began to annoy the users of the network not less than Zaburunye pores and outstretched legs.

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