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“Titan” with the arched back?

"Титан" прогнул спину?

Businessman Mikhail Sutyaginsky continues to PR. Co-owner GK “the Titan” not ashamed of his past?

In the newspaper “Vedomosti” published a long interview with co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of group of companies “Titan” Mikhail Sutyaginsky. As it became known correspondent of D&f from informed sources, the material was ordered.

How much he spent on the placement of the article about the survival of “Titan” in the crisis (successful, of course!) unknown. But surely the Omsk businessman, the share of companies which have at least a third of the total produced in Russia rubber has the money. The only question is, which way they got him?

Omsk “exploits”?

Born and raised Mikhail Sutyaginsky in Kazakhstan, was the middle of three brothers. Yuri – younger – character is unremarkable. But Alexander has created a “Titan” from scratch together with his brother – while he worked on the plant “Omsky Kauchuk”, the elder was engaged in the creation of the second part of the business in a friendly Kazakhstan.

In 1989 Mikhail Sutyaginsky has established a “Titan” on the basis of the Omsk refinery. The future businessman was the head of the eponymous youth center and even held the post of Secretary of the Komsomol Committee AT the “Nefteorgsintez”. Prominent, in General, was a figure.

Of course, in large projects go nowhere without partners. But all partners Sutyaginsky somehow tragically died.

And the first in their series was Vladimir Burlyaev, co-founder of “Titan”. Just a few years after creating the company he began slowly and painfully to fade, and doctors just shrugged. According to rumors, burljaeva poisoned. And his widow after the funeral officially charged in the death of her husband is his business partner.

In 1995, Mr Sutyaginsky, together with the General Director of JSC “Omsk rubber” Paul Pankratyev invested in the production of MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) is a high-octane additive to gasolines brands premium. For this project, not without the help of Kazakhstani investors was created Ekooyl, ZAO.

After the release of the first ton of MTBE businessman seems to have realized how profitable this business. Because the car and were surprised to learn on the road to the airport was shot, he miraculously survived and somehow hastened to get rid of the share in the joint venture. And in 1998, “Titanium” gets a… “Omsk rubber”! It’s quite a coincidence, isn’t it?

Kazakhstan past?

Business in Kazakhstan Sutyaginsky senior developed in parallel. In the late 90s, he teamed with two partners – Vladimir Belokon and Yuri Korolev – founded the company “Basko”. Through several years Queens what is called “washed his hands”. And the founders include Mikhail Garkushin and Shamil Mahmahanov.

And Garkushina Alexander Sutyaginsky friends, even lived in his apartment with his family, then built a house near his cottage. Once they served together in the army and carried, so to speak, the friendship through the years.

Shamil Mahmahanov – character questionable. If you believe the publications in the mass media of the police of Kazakhstan, he was the leader of the gang “Makhno” – the Ethnic Chechen organized criminal group”. He has invested, by some accounts, tens of millions of dollars in MTBE, and may have been involved in the fire Pankratiev. Organized crime groups, according to published reports, acted as in Russia and Kazakhstan, and the Shamil Mahmahanov as it is written, provided mediation when you order killers.

But back to the partners of the brothers. In 2002, machine-gun fire near his home was killed by a former partner “Basco” Yuri M. According to rumors, he dared to demand that I represent the return of his share – 500 thousand dollars. And those, according to evil tongues, felt that hiring a Hitman would be cheaper…

Then came a series of attacks on Mr. Garkushina. Friend, apparently, quickly ceased to be a friend, when he learned about the schemes of withdrawing millions of dollars from the Republic, which made comrades. They tried to poison him, then a few times in another army Sutyaginsky Sr. shot and ended up order the murder of the head of the security service “Titan”. That, they say, and handed over customers to the police.

By the time the business I represent in Russia turned into a powerful “Titan”, which was quietly received the support of the Kazakhstan banks to open businesses in the country. Thus was established the factory of “biochem” which proved to be unprofitable, and the silicon plant “Silicium Kazakhstan”, which suffered the same fate. Neither the businessman, nor an experienced killer of Alexander Sutyaginsky was never released. But his brother came out great “solved”.

Justice over justice.

In the end, Alexander Sutyaginsky was convicted of attempted murder. The court sentenced him to 12 years imprisonment. And brother, it did not seem very much, because he decided by all means to save the relative.

The only right way was… bribing the judges. Kulpash utemisova, apparently, for a considerable sum, at the second meeting of the court of the city of Alma-ATA changed the previous decision and sentenced the defendant to six years probation. The cuffs took him in the courtroom, no one knew it.

Sutyaginsky-Scarecrow, from sin washed away from the country, and even in neighboring Russia, which could easily give. His whereabouts are still unknown.

But the judge, ironically, exposed. Utemisova given 4.5 years of real life, as soon as the Board of appeal appealed the decision and her connection with Sutyaginsky was discovered. The head of GC “Titan” in the end, suffered only one business from Kazakhstan had to withdraw. Away from sin. Because, according to some reports, banks have invested in their business approximately 280 million dollars, and back got nothing. As a result, it hit the economy of Kazakhstan so that Sutyaginsky probably still waiting for the requirement to own the results of the native country.

Who needs silicon?

However, the business I represent managed to pile up in Russia. That only is a silicon factory!

When the enterprise was built in Kazakhstan “bent”, the businessman did not give up and decided to build it in Omsk, which was announced in 2013. But no matter how touted the attractiveness of this project for the city – neither investment nor jobs did not calm the anger of citizens because of the dangerous production.

And not only that in the manufacture of silicon produces emissions into the air of harmful substances and air pollution. Just hawks were already taught by the experience of “Omsk rubber”: when there was a powerful explosion followed by the fire of the 4th category of the five available, the danger of chemical industry “at hand” is evaluated first.

In the end Sutyaginsky “offended” on his adopted city, and stated that there are still places where this beautiful plant will be happy! And went, apparently, straight to the office of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvasheva. He is known for his weakness for crisp bills so it is possible that for a round sum he gave consent to the construction of production in the region.

Sutyaginsky for some reason chose Kamensk-Uralsky. Only now, the mayor rolled back, apparently not received or was too honest to agree – said that with him no question of construction of the plant is not discussed, and “Titan” is not allowed. And then came a series of Novouralsk – here he went ahead and had pre-signed the agreement with Kuyvashev, apparently, was something to shake in front of the noses of the mayor and inhabitants.

Residents again opposed, made the environmental assessment and… nothing. From December 2016, the sport between Novouralsk and “Titan” simply disappeared. Lee built a silicon plant in the city is unknown.

The year of ecology in Russia?

However, it is not surprising if silicon plant “Titanium” do not passed the examination of conservationists. On the “Omsk rubber” after the said explosion, for example, was discovered an incredible number of violations, including in the field of ecology.

What can we say about the Omsk suffers from the Titan every day for the past 20 years: the city periodically drops out of “black snow”, and what can we say about the beginning of the Year of ecology, which was announced 2017!

The fact that in the spring the hawks were literally choke – not only outside, but in their own apartments. A disgusting smell spread everywhere in the city nearly introduced a state of emergency to residents of certain areas seriously banned to go outside and open the vents. Later it became known the name of this scourge – ethyl mercaptan.

Find out where it was release, still failed, but suspicion fell exactly chemical production Sutyaginsky. Of course, he denies as he could. But if the refinery has brought to his community members, had a tour and proved that they have no smell, “Titan” such a feat is not decided… Afraid that people will see what is more terrible, than the source of the foul smell?

And now this man is in some way really poison people’s lives, energetically promoting itself. And continues to develop its harmful production. And all of this money, possibly stolen from friendly Kazakhstan.

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