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Tireless ufologists found the remains of an ancient UFO

Неутомимые уфологи нашли обломки древнего НЛОScientists have noticed a strange chain of hills.

By studying the images of the crater Chulani, located in Ceres, ufologists found on its bottom the formation of unknown origin.

On the asteroid seen a strange chain of hills. According to ufologists, this may be the wreckage of a UFO that exploded and formed a crater. It is also noted that education can be a frozen ocean. Because the surface of Ceres, and about one-third of its mass is water ice. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Astronomers say that the crater was formed recently. Its diameter is 34 kilometers. The name crater was named after the Hawaiian goddess of plants.

Video of a giant asteroid was published by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratorу. The survey was conducted with the help of the spacecraft Dawn.

Of course, scientists are quite skeptical about the assumption that we have before us the wreck. Hardly a UFO exploded, would have been in a smooth chain. When an object breaks up into parts, these are scattered, not add up the line.

Note, this is not the first time when UFOlogy claim that Ceres is the aliens. Formerly known ufologist Scott Waring I noticed a tower that was supposedly created by aliens. Ufologist insists on the fact that on Ceres, there are other buildings of alien beings. Scientists also believe that before us is an optical illusion, nothing more. The official version is that theoretically organic compounds on Ceres could be. This is shown by spectral analysis that captures the spacecraft Dawn. In General, all the buildings, towers, chain explained.

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