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Tired of working Nadezhda Savchenko amused Network

Уставшая от работы Надежда Савченко повеселила СетьThe Verkhovna Rada made a fun photo.

The extra fractional people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko was acting funny in the Parliament, which caused another wave of ridicule in her address among the network users.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote political analyst Alexei holomuzki, reports .

“It’s Tuesday, but Nadya in Parliament again othodnyak. She’s” – he wrote.

So, the journalists of the newspaper “Letters” got two points. On the ground, Savchenko sits relaxed, his head back, and scattered staring at the ceiling.

But in the second picture, the MP applied to the eyes the hand, making a face like she exhales.

Уставшая от работы Надежда Савченко повеселила Сеть

Users ‘ opinions about the movements Savchenko divided. Some stated that it was “coming.”

“It does not seem to clean and prehodna,” said the user.

But most of the audience suggested that the reason for this behavior is alcohol.

“And it is not because dry out”, “Tell the fool to not interfere with the vodka with beer”, “you Need to drink high quality alcohol,” commented about alcohol online.

“It had to pour the water yeah the cheek slap. The woman was dying, and all are heartless”, “She’s bored, sad. What for this Mare this “public” work”, “numb hands dirty, stick ocenki. God, how long pull” “Quiet, again say that the cold that had tortured, and it “precue,” said the user.

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