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Tired of Uma Thurman forgot to wear a skirt


Having custody of his daughter Moon, a 46-year-old Uma Thurman (Uma Thurman) went to Paris with her.

The actress was caught by paparazzi when leaving the airport Charles-de-Gaulle airport in the French capital. What was the surprise of others when Uma Thurman came out… without a skirt! The actress was wearing a grey oversized sweater and black tights, and on top she put on a black fur coat. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Uma Thurman and daughter Luna
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The actress along with her daughter headed for the door, when they were overtaken by the photographers, and the girl, crying, asked my mom to hand.

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When the actress raised her daughter, her sweater rode up, and cameras flashing, thick black tights became transparent.

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In the pictures it is clearly visible underwear actress. Many fans speculated that the Mind forgot to put on pants.

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Thurman looked very tired, it was not a drop of makeup, her hair was disheveled.

Recall that Uma Thurman for a long time could not agree with his former lover and the father of her child, billionaire Arpad Bussana. The culprit was a disagreement over the meetings of men with their common daughter Moon.

The girl gave birth to the actress in 2012, and after a couple years my fiance. The couple lived together for about seven years, but the wedding never took place. Uma also has two children from former husband Ethan Hawke: daughter Maya and son Levon.

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