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Tips for those who are accustomed to eat “on the run”

Советы для тех, кто привык питаться «на бегу»Snacks are not always useful, but you can organize them so that they will not be harmful.

It’s hard to keep track of your nutrition when in the office, at school, at home blockage. “Help” usually come in all sorts of fast food outlets that beckon breathtaking smells. In order not to be tempted by junk food, which then goes sideways on the hips or have a negative impact on health, we have put together some useful tips on how to manage to eat properly, even if it does not.

1. Snack boiled eggs. Sunday cook eggs for several days and store them in the fridge.

2. Carry a bottle of water. It will help you avoid buying harmful carbonated drinks.

3. Assemble yourself a lunch at home. Assemble at home healthy and tasty lunch and take it to work. When you want to eat, he will be there. Yes, and General, all spontaneous snacking at the end of the month will result in a lot of money.

4. Dining in the dining room, put in a bowl more green. Dine in the dining room, the no calorie, healthy and satisfying meal. First dial more greens in the dish and vegetables, then add protein, starch, etc.

5. Focus on what you should eat and what not to think and forget. Add in your daily diet more vegetables, fruits and other nutrients.

6. Stocks snacks for frequent snacking. Prepare yourself for the so-called snacks in the form of nuts, apples, carrots, etc.

7. Buy whole grains. Buy the most healthy food items such as bread with bran, it is much healthier than bread made from flour, because the bran contains a lot of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

8. Make your own tea or coffee and take with you. You can buy coffee or tea in any establishment or machine, but you cannot assume that, how many sugar and calories. It’s better to prepare at home and enjoy the whole day.

9. Be satiated by eating proteins. This advice applies to vegetarians. Always ensure that your diet was attended by the whites. They will allow your body for a long time not to feel hunger, and the more that they are very low in calories.

10. Choose healthy foods that you like. Give preference to those products that are most healthy. And so the principle build your diet of the day.

11. Prepare a delicious and aromatic cocktail of yogurt. Take an orange, squeeze the juice and remove the peel. Next, clean the ginger root, grate and through cheesecloth and squeeze the juice. Mix the juices and add the yogurt. Also add cinnamon and whisk. The cocktail is ready.

12. Eat half of the plate with food.

13. Your friend in food — peanut butter.

14. Do not succumb to the stress and bad mood after eating junk food.

15. Stop adding sugar into drinks.

16. Eat beans and whole rice.

17. Always carry snack bars.

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