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Tina told us your secret

Тина Кароль раскрыла свой секретThe singer shared the secret of weight loss.

The singer admitted how now weighs 56 kilograms. The singer had a hard time coming to the result that now the whole country admires, and recently shared the secrets of her weight loss with her fans.

It is worth noting that carbohydrate starvation (ketosis) has long been a popular method of losing weight, among the stars and is widely used in the Dukan diet. However, as noted by the majority of followers, such a method of weight loss is not very healthy. The essence of the diet is to limit carbohydrate intake and increase the amount of fat consumed. As a result, the body has to find ways to produce energy from fat, splitting it.

A condition in which this process begins, in medicine is called ketosis – the accumulation of ketones, which are former fat. Prolonged carbohydrate starvation ketosis may trigger a sharp decrease in muscle mass or flow in diabetic ketoacidosis – a condition extremely hazardous to health. Low-carb diet is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women, people suffering from diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart and blood vessels, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and people with serious psychiatric illnesses. So before you follow the advice of stars, study the suitability of the recommended diet for you.

“Fire with fire – you need to eat fats. As it is now difficult and may sound strange. When you eat fat, you kill your fat with this. I eat butter, cheese, sausages, bacon, but I don’t eat carbs. Vegetables I eat very little. Read about this term as “ketosis”. You need to drive your body. This is a new technology that we are somehow hiding” – shared with the fans of the singer.

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