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Tina Karol for the first time commented on the scandal with LOBODA

Тина Кароль впервые прокомментировала громкий скандал с LOBODALive shows the voice of the country 7 Tina mentioned LOBODA, which provoked a storm of criticism.

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol commented on the scandal with Svetlana Loboda, which broke out after one of the broadcasts “the Voice of the country” where the singer is a trainer, says “social life”.

During one of the esters project participant has performed the song Loboda “40 degrees”. Her performance is so liked Tina, she said that the original would be worth to listen, how to sing this track.

Review Carole was outraged and Loboda, and her producer. However, Tina said that nothing improper had in mind

“It’s a show. We say: “It’s better than the original”. It’s always the case. Nothing curve do not have in mind. Me personally, no phone calls, no SMS came. If I had any questions, I think we would be in the dialogue were able to find the truth. Even say sorry if someone hooked,” – commented on the scandal Carole.

The singer added that she admires Olga Polyakova, who is able to joke at himself, and over others

“I in this case, like Olya Polyakova, who from the beginning of their heels to the top of his headdress, all filled with irony and lightness. We should go easy in life and not to exaggerate,” concluded Tina.

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