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“Time traveler” has amazed the world with new fotodokazatelstvo

"Путешественник во времени" изумил мир новым фотодоказательствомThe man provided photographs of the future in 100 years, made with the help of aliens by the CIA

On his YouTube channel of a man named Alexander Smith notes that today he is being persecuted, so the traveler is forced to hide. The mission, organized by CIA man sent to 2118 year, where he successfully returned.

Smith even demonstrates proof of your travel: a photo taken in the distant future. He turned as soon as he found himself in a new place. In the photo you can see a tall green building, which are currently nowhere to be found.

In addition, the traveler shares that in the next century the world will know about the aliens — they will tell the authorities. Will force the political elite to disclose information of significant climate change. New information will unite the Nations, people will speak the same language.

"Путешественник во времени" изумил мир новым фотодоказательством

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