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Time to toughen up: how to strengthen the immune system in the summer

Время закаляться: как укрепить иммунитет летомStrengthens the immune system without drugs.

As soon as summer begins, we immediately stop to concentrate on work and make plans for how rest.

But people who are worried about their health, ask another equally important question: how to improve your health this summer? It is in this time of year we get a unique opportunity to saturate your organism with useful substances, vitamins. We have a great chance to strengthen the immune system for the year ahead, and to miss it is a sin. So, how to take care of health in summer?

1. Enrich your diet with fruits, berries and greens. In the three summer months there is nothing easier, than to enjoy the abundance of all the yummy, which grows in the garden. Even if you have no own garden, you can buy fruits, berries, greens from people who are engaged in their cultivation. Home products – this is exactly the source of nutrients and vitamins. Try a couple of weeks to eat right, eat cereal, salad, fresh berries – and you will notice how much improved your health. By the way, you can also prepare cocktails, smoothies, ice creams and fresh juices from fruits and berries. It is mind-blowing delicious and incredibly healthy!

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2. Soak up the sun. Vitamin D, which we get by being in the sun in the morning and evening, will help you to resolve mineral metabolism, strengthen bones, increase immunity, prevent the emergence of cancer cells, and bring your muscles in tone. In addition to this, a nice tan. Just be careful with the sun. In the daytime, try to avoid it.

3. Swim. It doesn’t matter where: in the sea, lake, river. Your body is much stronger if you regularly swim. Moreover, you will be resistant to many diseases. By the way, swimming can also improve blood circulation, to get your respiratory system to tone the muscles.

4. Go on rides. Well, if your town has a Racecourse or equestrian club. Horse riding is not only a very pleasant time, but also very useful. It is able to exert a beneficial effect on the nervous system, help to cope with stress and depression.

5. Get out Hiking or camping. The most useful relaxation is certainly definitely not in the city where the air is polluted, very noisy and stuffy. Live a little in the country or go Hiking. Enjoy the nature, fresh air, a break from civilization. It will help to gain strength and get healthier.

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6. Hardening. Doctors advise people to begin to harden in a warm period. It is therefore time for a contrast shower and cold water dousing. Go to lower temperatures gradually and smoothly.

7. Do the exercises. Summers are very conducive to Cycling. Morning and evening temperature is just comfortable share in order to start doing a simple exercise in the fresh air. A small jog in the morning will help you not only to get in good shape, but will also cheer you up.

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8. Go barefoot. In the area with our climate it is difficult to find a more opportune time for walking barefoot than summer. You can walk without shoes on the young grass or on the stones, the shells, the sand on the beach. It activates the nerve endings on the feet which will have a positive impact on the functioning of all body systems.

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