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Time to spend money! 5 important rules of behavior on sale

Время тратить деньги! 5 важных правил поведения на распродаже

Don’t forget that favorite brands place discounts on their websites since Thursday evening. So I suggest you keep an eye on things in advance, to clarify at what stores they have left, and then to hurry, while the more adventurous Shopaholic take them from under your nose.

2on sale on — line no time for delay.

So any thing rather grab and run to the cashier. But if you’re used to leisurely walks through the Mall and a thorough comparison of the range of different shops, this is not your fight.

3Шпионские stuff and conspiracy.

So, I’ll share with you a small trick in case you liked the shirt, but you still want to see what is in store on the contrary, try to hide in the store his discovery to no one, even the most meticulous consultant never guessed where she might be, then go. For example, carefully OTES thing in the corner of the store where no items on sale. No guarantees we can not give, but in the end, you did everything in your power.

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4Внимательно see what you’re buying.

No one is immune on sale from unfair work done uncle Liao from China or from the girl who decided to wipe the excess of its Foundation and the remains of lipstick on a white silk blouse. So even in a state of complete madness in the form of a discount of 90% on cashmere coat, try to think clearly and see things for defects.

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5don time to relax.

All! You went through fire and water, and now you and your new best friends at home in the warmth, comfort and security. No time to relax, any consultant of the store will tell you such horror stories about how a state torn to pieces they found things on the floor after trying “very careful” buyers that the Directors of “Saw” envy. Pants, trousers and blouses are the hardest hit, so some things from yard sales do not need a good stretch, but we’ll leave it to your discretion.

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