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Time to organize the circulation of capital

Пора упорядочить хождение по столице

Prettier and holiday decorations Moscow opens its new year’s hug. The major celebrations and festivities, as usual, in the centre of the city. 10 thousand steel fences, CAT 7, 200 walk-through metal detectors, as well as 40 thousand officers, guards and security guards will be present to welcome, hug and osmont you if you try to get to the center of Moscow. Inside you will get only selected…

New year, Red square, the chimes of the Spassky tower, goodbye year yesterday — it’s all fine and Grand, the people are accustomed to and not need to cancel.

But you are near, do not fuck with the mountains sitting!

Therefore, near the main Christmas tree of the country on red square have to walk people checked, and no one getting — champagne took, he took it, he flooded the walls of the ancient Kremlin to lounge around.

In General, the decision to put this time on Red square only on special documents — correct! But should be confined to Christmas and the town centre?

Narodishko excessive freedoms are spoiled, some people felt that it was time. This morning the FSB at the Lubyanka almost an hour waged a tense battle with the terrorists, but native walls helped and the assailant was killed.

It would be necessary to Russians nose a little tweak and to begin to organize the walk across the capital of our country Moscow.

For example, the stamp pass is presented and promazyvaya as darling your way around the Kremlin, enjoy endowed with the power of trust.

And other comrades, too, with the special papers, walk within the Boulevard ring, but moss and the Moscow river not crossed, not ripe, then, until final trust.

Further zones: the Boulevard and the Garden ring, Third ring and so on to Moscow.

For the convenience of the gentlemen officers, soldiers of Regardie, agents of the FSB and FSO employees can except paper badges and stripes on the chest of Muscovites and guests of the capital to attach.

For example, blue stripe with “George” border — walk though to the Boulevard ring. With red stripe — flanery from the 3rd transport and up to the working-class suburbs along the ring. Well, with white ribbon trim directly on the outskirts of Moscow.

Although it is difficult to understand from whom the power of sneaking is expected. Terrorist, who attacked the Lubyanka, not gosdepovskoy creature appeared. And, they say, of their own. Like, a member of the EP and the addition of the Gcd.

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