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Time-tested ways to protect against the “autumn” of diseases

Проверенные временем способы защиты от "осенних" болезнейDoctors told about the little-known ways to strengthen the immune system.

The most important component for a strong immune system is the health of the nervous, digestive and endocrine systems. Also, the important of physical activity. If at least one of these items suffers, avoid autumn diseases is unlikely.

Doctors say that the production of new immune cells depends on how well a person eats, how he moves and what his mood. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, eats everything, goes outside and exposed to stress, catch cold and flu more often.

Why is it so important to the movement?

The fact is that a sedentary lifestyle leads to stagnation of blood and energy. In the brain, cells and tissues misses the necessary oxygen and the immune system fails, stopping to work at full capacity, as required by the human body in the autumn.

Doctors don’t make everyone go to workout at the gym. To keep the body toned and strengthen the immune system enough to walk a lot. If there is no time to walk down the street, then during the day to try to get up from the workplace and walking down the corridor, staircase, office and so on.

Ways that will help to disperse the blood through the veins:

– put a newspaper on cereals, such as buckwheat, and paramenides it from foot to foot for 10-15 minutes;

– contract and relax the abdominal muscles and buttocks during the day;

– do a massage of the hands and feet, as well as neck and stomach;

– do Jogging in the fresh air.

How to eat to immune system worked “perfectly”?

Lean on seasonal fresh products: vegetables, herbs, berries, fruits, mushrooms. They are all full of vitamins and useful microelements. Plus, they belong to the category of low-calorie foods, and this will help you to lose weight and to help the immune system, as overweight for her first enemy.

Eliminate stress from your life

As we know, stress leads to mental health. But depression and other effects of stress on the body depress the immune system and the person becomes vulnerable to autumn seasonal diseases. So the most effective method not to get sick in the fall – to be in good spirits and to live each day on the positive, but you need to fully relax, sleep at least 7 hours at night, often to chat with nice people and not to think about that in the past.

Use these tips to ensure that your immune system was strong and fulfilled the main function of protecting the body from autumnal diseases and not only.

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