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Time-tested folk remedies for motion sickness

Проверенные временем народные средства от укачиванияIn folk medicine there are several effective methods that help cope with motion sickness in transport.

Some people get motion sickness in any vehicle – plane, car, boat, train and so on. The feeling is quite unpleasant and often attack ends with vomiting sickness.

Among the popular methods of combating motion sickness in transport are the following:

1. Don’t eat before the trip, if you are always sick. It is advisable to eat a couple of hours prior to boarding the transport.

2. Look always forward. Experts recommend not to strain your eyes and spin around in transport of those people who usually rocks.

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3. Carry a lemon. A slice of lemon will quickly lead you into feelings if you already felt that beginning to rock. You can eat it and advance in order to avoid unpleasant feelings during the trip.

4. Drink water with lemon and mint. This drink instantly eliminates signs of sickness.

5. Mints to help you. It is a proven method that always works. He was, incidentally, often used by pregnant women suffering from toxemia.

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In any case, try to take in a trip package, which will always be at hand. Especially if you plan to travel by public transport. This package will serve as a receptacle for vomit. This unfortunate incident can happen to anyone and not to harm no others, you need to be prepared in advance.

In pharmacies sell special drugs against motion sickness, but the above mentioned traditional methods is not worse.

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