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Tim cook announced new products from Apple

Тим Кук анонсировал новинки от AppleApple CEO has announced a new desktop computer.

Apple CEO announced that the Corporation is preparing to release a desktop computer.

Tim cook noted that this market segment is of great importance. Fragments of the CEO of Apple leads portal Tech Crunch.

“Some people in the media raised the question of whether we remain committed to desktop computers. If there are any doubts about this, let me be very clear: we have in our road map are some amazing desktops in the future. This one does not have to worry,” – wrote Tim cook.

However, from the statement of cook’s unclear, will update if the company is line Mac Pro, iMac, or will release updates for both desktop computers.

“From a strategic point of view, we also focused on things where the software, hardware and services come together in a kind of magic Apple”, – said the head of Apple.

“The desktop computer has a very important strategic significance for us. This is a unique product compared to a laptop, because you can store much more on a device that is big screens, the largest memory capacity, a greater variety of devices I / o and the highest performance. So there are many reasons why these computers are really important,” said Tim cook.

At the end of the statement, cook said that Apple has plenty of other projects that he can’t tell.

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