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Thriller Timur Bekmambetov was awarded a prize at the Berlin film festival

At the famous Berlin film festival handed out not only gold and silver bears – there are rewards and easier. Among other things, the event runs the program “Panorama”, the winners of which are chosen by the audience. And the Grand prize this year went to an English-language Thriller Timur Bekmambetov “Profile” (Profile).

Only in “Panorama” was presented 27 films, so the competition from Bekmambetov and company were impressive. However, the audience was hooked on the story of a journalist involved in a very dangerous business.

Short synopsis reads:

British journalist, working undercover, is introduced into the propaganda of the “Islamic state”, which attracts more and more young European women. Daily contact with recruiters of terrorists tighten it.

Bekmambetov directed the film based on real events and based on the book by French journalist, hiding under the pseudonym of Anna Erel. Still, when dealing with terrorists, to cut the truth-womb under a real name is rather dangerous. Work with fake accounts, the center recruitment network, the search for reasons why young women are leaving the terrorists – the book was a full-fledged journalistic investigation. Cinema in this respect is easier, besides in the way the main character combined traits and journalists, and victims, caught under the spell of recruiters.

“Profile” is a desktop-Thriller. There is no our usual shooting: all the action takes place only on the screen/desktop of your computers or gadgets. This new-fangled format is convenient for production, and a lot of money is not required. Plus the viewer better imbued with the story told through familiar social networks, instant messengers, Skype and gugloperevodchik. The so-called screen life Bekmambetov have already tested in their production projects: it is possible to remember and “Remove from friends” and new Thriller “the Search”, which was praised at the festival “Sundance”. And once something works, it must be used.

Shooting “Profile” that only took nine days, and the actors most of the time staring at laptops and smartphones. In the caste involved in Valine Kane (“Thirteen”), shazad Latif (“Black mirror”, “Scary tales”), Christine Adams (“Agents of shield”), Emma Boat (“Strike”), Luis Martin (“Holby city”), Amir Rahimzadeh (“Pink water”) and Morgan Watkins (“Kingsman: the Secret service”).

The release date of the picture is still not reported.

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