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Thriller “Asylum of the devil” and “Black stripe” will be released in Russia with a delay of a month

Distributor “cinema Prestige” postponed the premiere two releases in almost a month. The horror film “Asylum of the devil” and the Thriller “Black stripe” the Russian audience will see later than expected.

What are the reasons for these transfers is not reported, but small distributors such stories happen often. Sometimes premiere is delayed over and over again in a year or two, but in the end some films may not get to large screens. As a rule, such changes in the schedule of releases are caused by the fact that some majors competitors are changing the date of the Premier of major projects, forcing independent distributors to seek more convenient slots.


“The refuge of the devil” (El habitante) now to wait for the not on June 21, and July 26, 2018. Recall the synopsis of the film Director and screenwriter Guillermo Amoedo:

Three sisters from a dysfunctional family decide to Rob the house of a Senator to pay off debts. He gives them money from the safe, but desperate girls seem insufficient amount of. They hear a strange noise, and the older sister is in the basement connected daughter of a Senator.

“Black stripe” (Fleuve noir) Frenchman Eric Zonca, which we waited in limited release on September 6, can get there only on 11 October 2018. The film, the main role played by Vincent Cassel, tells the story of how

Commissioner Francois Visconti, battered a policeman investigates, at first glance, a routine case involving the disappearance of teenager Danny Arno. The Commissioner may be suspicious everything: sexy mother and taciturn thug-father, and even a school teacher, Jan Bellal, unexpectedly offered the police its help in the search. The investigation turns from suspect to suspect, but no trace of the boy, and the chances of finding him alive less and less…

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