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Threw a grenade at police: family argument ended in Exactly the PE

Бросил гранату в полицейских: семейная ссора в Ровно закончилась ЧП “Surprise” was waiting for the cops arrival at the place of call.

A man in Exactly hurled at police, who arrived on a call, a grenade.

The press service of police reported that in 20 hours, the police asked the woman, noting that her home, on the street Northwesternmost came a familiar and threatening with a grenade.

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The police, who arrived at the scene, found in one of apartments on the ninth floor flats, a man who was behaving aggressively, and during the conversation, threw a grenade towards militiamen.

As a result of blast injuries received cause of the incident, which was taken to the hospital. His life is not in danger. None of the participants of the incident were not injured.

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On the fact of infringement on life of a law enforcement authority information included in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations under article 348 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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