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Three-wheeled motorcycle-powered water showed crazy acceleration. Video

Трехколесный мотоцикл на водной тяге показал сумасшедший разгон. Видео A French engineer has developed the unusual transport.

The majority of drivers thinks that is really stunning acceleration for the vehicle is less than acceleration to 90 kilometers per hour in 3 seconds.

But even this acceleration is most smooth in the light, if we compare it with dynamic qualities of a custom water tricycle, working on a water jet engine.

This little monster was designed and designed by Francois Gizeux, who clearly lost sight of all possible boundaries.

The speed of 96 kilometers per hour tricycle took half a second and three seconds was able to accelerate to absolutely insane 250 kilometers per hour.

When you use this monster driver is under pressure more fierce than the astronauts during the launch of spacecraft: the load is as high as 5.13 g, which makes the vehicle extremely problematic.

Tested this miracle of technology on the specialized Circuit Paul Ricard – otherwise, the use of the tricycle would be incredibly dangerous.

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